Vayakhel/Pekudei 5775 – Heart

Take from yourselves an offering for Hashem, every generous hearted person shall bring it (Shemos 35:5)

Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky once shared a great story. A young child was one day outside on a Friday afternoon and picked some weeds for his mother. He joyously brought them to his mother in honor of Shabbos and she proudly put them in a vase. After seeing the joy of his mother, every week the little boy brought his mother flowers (or weeds) that he found outside in honor of Shabbos. He continued doing this for about two months. Then, one Friday afternoon, he was playing with his friends when he remembered that he had to get flowers for his mom. He complained to his friends that he had to go pick some flowers, pulled some grass from the ground, and brought them to his mother. “Here are your flowers that you want for Shabbos,” he quickly said as he threw them on the table before running back outside to play.

When the boy originally brought the flowers, he did it with much love and care. It was a beautiful act and his mother greatly appreciated it. The last time he did it, he did not have desire to give them.

What was so beautiful about the Mishkan? This week’s parsha tells us that not only did the Jews give to the Mishkan, but they gave it with their entire heart.

Ever see a concert? If you watch the lead singer or the guitarist just standing there or sitting there, it is pretty boring. A concert is exciting because you see the band having energy. They put their entire heart into each song.

Ever watch an athlete? When he puts his entire heart into the game, he is so much better than everyone else. Michael Jordan didn’t become great because he said, “Oh, I need to go to practice again.”

How do you want to give? Do you want to be like the boy who gives his mother flowers with excitement or do you want to be the one who feels he is performing a weekly chore? Put your heart into everything you do, especially spiritual matters. It will make you a much greater person.

Good Shabbos!
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