Vayeira 5778 GEMATRIA FUN

“Sarah said, …Everyone who will
hear will be happy for me.”
(Breishis 21:6)
QUESTION: How was Sarah so sure that whoever
would hear of the birth of Yitzchak would be happy?
ANSWER: The Midrash Rabbah (53:7) writes about
the name “Yitzchak” that the ” י” stands for the ten
commandments, which all the Jewish people would
hear on Mount Sinai. The ” צ” represents the fact that
Sarah was 90 years old when he was born. The,” “ח
which equals eight, is for his Bris. He was the first
Jewish child to have a Bris on the eighth day. The ” “ק
represents the fact that Avraham was 100 years old
when Yitzchak was born.
When the baby was born, Avraham gave him the
name “Yitzchak.” When Sarah was asked by her
neighbors the meaning of her son’s name, she replied
צחק עשה … ”
What the ‘ ח’ ‘,צ ‘ and ‘ ק’ represent, Hashem already
did for me. However, due to – ‘ ‘כל השומע
‘Everyone who will hear’ – all the Jewish people who
will be at Sinai and hear the Ten Commandments –
therefore, – ‘ יצחק לי ‘ I have a child named
‘Yitzchak.’ ”
דרוש שמואל

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