Behar – Bechukosai – Q and E

In this parsha, what number appears four times in one verse?
2. In this parsha, which verse has six words in a row – all
beginning with the same Hebrew letter?
3. The name of which other parsha is contained within the name
of this parsha?
4. In this parsha, which two metals appear in the same verse?
5. In this parsha, what object is mentioned in three consecutive
1) The number seven appears four times in the verse: “Count for yourselves
seven sets of Sabbaticals, seven years seven times, and it
should be seven sets of Sabbaticals equaling 49 years” (Vaykira
2) Leviticus 25:8 has six words in a row, all beginning with the letter
3) Parshas Chukas, from the book of Bamidbar, is contained within the
name of parshas Bechukosai.
4) Iron and copper appear in Vayikra 26:19 which discusses consequences
of not following HaShem’s ways.
5) “Sword” appears in three consecutive verses that discuss the blessings
which come as a consequence for fulfilling HaShem’s will
(Vayikra 26:6-8).

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