Weekly Halacha By Rabbi Shimon Fridmann 5/5/20 Sorting/Borer on Shabbos #1

The Melacha of Borer – sorting/separating is both complicated and unique. These laws are complicated since there are an endless number of situations occurring weekly in everyone’s home that require either sorting or separating. One is therefore required to have an indepth understanding of these halachos to recognize those scenarios and the necessity to ask a Rav on how to proceed. It is uniquely severe as it is a Melacha just as stringent as lighting a fire. There are both forbidden actions by the Torah, and as the Mishna Brura states in his introduction to the laws of Shabbos; failing to master these laws ensure that one is surely transgressing Shabbos. I.E Removing an insect (whether alive or dead) from food or sorting candies amount to transgressing the Shabbos. One is therefore required to be fully versed in these laws and master the subject to assure that he keeps the Shabbos properly. Shiur 1 There are 3 ways to be liable of Borer [Sorting]: Removing the bad from the good – which includes the removing of the refuse from the food and in some instances sorting a food mixed with other foods. Separating with a utensil –One is liable even if he removed the food from the refuse. For later use – separating and sorting for later use is also a classical method of Borer and is forbidden. This is true even when not using a utensil and when removing the food from the refuse. Hence, the permitted way to separate food from refuse is: Removing the good from the bad – As it is no longer considered sorting but the way to eat. Separating with the hands – Using cutlery is permitted as it is considered an extension of the hand. For immediate consumption – It can only be prepared for the upcoming meal. Preparing for a later meal is forbidden. These 3 conditions must all be fulfilled to avoid the Isur of Borer.

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